Authorization of repair or reconstruction and granting of housing assistance for buildings damaged or totally burned by the fire of 23 and 24 July 2018 in the area of ​​N. Voutzas – Mati – Rafina.

We undertake the issue of the repair or reconstruction license by the competent authority that has been installed in the building of the Municipality of Rafina – Pikermi. After an autopsy and imprinting of your property, the damages are measured and then we make a proposal for their restoration. The amount of housing assistance is derived from the country’s official prices.

An autopsy by the public service is required. In any case, any elements of the building’s legibility are also required. For any information you can call the office mobile phone: 694 6545 092. The office is located at 23 Davaki Pindou Street, Rafina. Map here.

After the issue of the repair license, we undertake as a separate service, the reconstruction and renovation of the building. See other works here.