Renovation in Raphina

Renovation Raphina Renovation Raphina Renovation of a semi-prefabricated house. Original building was made in 1973. External and internal space is completely redesigned. Unnecessary elements of the house are removed, others will be transformed. The building will be insulated with external insulation system. Hydraulics and electrical network will be replaced. Windows are also going to be […]

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Space renovation in 4 simple steps: Detail inquiry of your space. Architectural and decorative design. 3d Visualization of the study. Construction & supervision. The studies are based on your needs and always by keeping in mind aesthetics and functionality. In the process of rendering visualizations you can see the furnishings you desire in your room, […]

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Authorization of repair or reconstruction and granting of housing assistance for buildings damaged or totally burned by the fire of 23 and 24 July 2018 in the area of ​​N. Voutzas – Mati – Rafina. We undertake the issue of the repair or reconstruction license by the competent authority that has been installed in the […]

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Renovation Athens

Apartment in Athens

Renovation Athens Renovation Athens Apartment area 50 m². The original building was made in 1962. In this project we renovated all areas. Plumping and electrical network was renewed. A wired electronic network was also implemented (LAN). Some walls were demolished so the apartment could have more natural light in the back areas. The kitchen was […]

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Apartment in Marousi

This is a renovation of relatively new apartment. Main goal here was to make a space with quiet lines and vivid colors. All furniture except sofa and table were custom designed and manufactured. Total space 115 m². Year of construction 2014.

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